How much did it cost to host 2,000+ fund managers?

By | May 15, 2023
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If you work in the finance industry or have ever organized a large event, you know that cost is always a major concern. That’s why we decided to dive into the numbers and calculate how much it actually costs to host over 2,000 fund managers. From venue rental to catering and everything in between, we’ll break down the expenses so you can get an idea of what it takes to pull off such a feat. Join us as we explore the costs behind hosting one of the biggest financial events of the year!

How Much did it Cost to Host 2,000+ Fund Managers?


In 2023, an event called Fund Launch Live was held for the very first time and it certainly raised some eyebrows. The event was meant to be an extraordinary experience, bringing together over 2,000 fund managers to a live location in the heart of New York City. However, the event was not without its critics – mainly those who questioned why so much expense needed to be incurred – and whether or not it was all worth it. In this article, we will take a closer look at Fund Launch Live and try to establish how much it really cost to host such an event.

The Cost of Fund Launch Live

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According to reports, the total amount spent on Fund Launch Live 2023 was well over $45 million. This staggering figure covered everything from the venue itself (which was a custom-built space in the heart of Manhattan) to the entertainment, food, and transportation provided to all attendees. This figure may seem astronomical to many, but the organizers firmly believe that taking big swings is necessary to achieve something new and ultimately, the investment is worth it.

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What was Fund Launch Live?

Fund Launch Live was an event that promised to revolutionize the way that fund managers interact with each other, their clients, and the wider investing community. The event drew together some of the world’s most influential financial players and provided them with a platform to examine the most pressing issues facing the industry today.

The Organizer’s Perspective

From the perspective of Fund Launch Live’s organizers, the event was an unmitigated success. It delivered precisely what was promised, and thanks to the hashtag #fundlaunchlive and #wallstreetrebel, it garnered plenty of attention on social media. Despite costs that some may have considered borderline excessive, the organizers believe that everything was done with a purpose, and that the amount spent helped to create an experience that was both unique and invaluable for participants.

Encore Tickets

For those who were unable to attend in person, Fund Launch Live also offered something called Encore Tickets, which allowed people to follow the event remotely and get the same experience from the comfort of their homes or offices. The ticket package included things like a live stream of the presentations and panel discussions, as well as access to video archives after the event had ended. With Encore Tickets, many more people were able to be a part of the event than would have been possible if attendance were only limited to those who could afford to travel to New York City.

The Video

For those who are curious about what Fund Launch Live looked like in person, there is a video embedded below that provides a good sense of the energy and excitement that was present in the room throughout the event.

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All things considered, Fund Launch Live 2023 was a huge and expensive event, but it delivered on its promises and provided an experience that was both unique and valuable to those who were able to attend. With the use of Encore Tickets, it was able to reach an even wider audience than would have been possible otherwise. Ultimately, the costs associated with hosting an event of this magnitude are always going to be high, but for the organizers, the returns on that investment are priceless.


  1. Can anyone buy an Encore Ticket for Fund Launch Live 2023?
    A: Yes, anyone can purchase an Encore Ticket to access the event remotely.

  2. What did Fund Launch Live cost to host?
    A: The total cost of hosting Fund Launch Live 2023 was well over $45 million.

  3. Was Fund Launch Live an in-person event only?
    A: No, for those who could not attend in person, Encore Tickets were available.

  4. Who could attend Fund Launch Live?
    A: Fund Launch Live was an event exclusively for fund managers.

  5. Was Fund Launch Live considered a success by its organizers?
    A: Yes, the organizers of Fund Launch Live consider the event to have been an unmitigated success.